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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Michael Lovejoy Danger Andrew Notsexpistol

 A year ago, i lost my soul mate.

 He was my only secret admirer. Still the 
only person ever to leave love notes in my locker.

 We stopped dating when my family moved away, but we always 
stayed in touch. He was my trusty critic; every bit of art or verse of
poem was submitted to his honest, meticulous eyes and clever ears.

 He was a genius; doing quantum physics when i was 
still struggling with long division, but he chose to devote 
his life to music and poetry and feeding the hungry.


We miss him.

I'm so glad i can still listen to and share his voice: 
He lived life like a love poem. He really friggin did.
Here's to you, Michael Lovejoy Danger Andrew Notsexpistol 
I love you.

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  1. Oh, A. That was a lovely thing to do. A tender tribute to your love.

    He seems the best kind of guy, hitting all the notes of life just right. I would imagine he is still writing love notes to you and watching out for you and reading your poetry.

    I am so sorry you can no longer put your arms around him in love. But I think, a guy like that...he is near.


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