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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Posta Primavera

Photo credit: tanakawho

Phew. Where to start? At Romanesco broccoli, (of course). Nearly perfect, exquisite fractals. First described in Italy during the 16th century. Natural expression of logarithmic spirals. Fibonacci series. Mother Nature's recursive helical arrangement of cones. I can walk down to my co-op and pick some up even here in Idaho. This world we live. Ain't no shortage of things to make you go "whoa."

Gratitude, gratitude. Like a heart beat. Gratitude, gratitude...


  1. You had me at fractals and Fibonacci. What a glorious first post and photo.

    I've been geeking out over the golden ratio for decades now, I see it everywhere, especially since I have ammonites and nautilus shells and flowers all over the house. Nature's designs are amazing.

    I just found this lovely nerd video about doodling in fibonacci, thought you might like it: doodling in math

    Glad to see your first post and happy to share in the amazement at it all with you. Looking forward to your future posts, and welcome aboard!

  2. Wow! How sweet are you? That is a great nerd video. Thank you, thank you. Imagine my surprise to see not only had i garnered a reader, but a comment too! Thank you heaps and bushels for the encouragement. Such a gift you've left me. Again and again i thank you.


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