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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dream Catchers and Other Various Rear View Danglers

Something i see all the time, that i don't understand, is dream catchers hanging from the rear view mirrors. I mean, the last thing i want to be doing while i'm driving 75 down the highway is catchin' me some dreams. But that's just me.

I definitely don't want to be fielding my own dreams. That's just risky. And dreams left behind by other drivers on that stretch may have started out nice, but surely they could not have ended well.

Actually, i'm embellishing a little, i don't actually do much driving. Unless you include tractors! which don't have rear view mirrors. So i'm trying to think what i'd hang there if i did. Do you have a dream catcher danglin from your rear view? No? What do you have there, if anything? 


These <cough sputter> hideous <cough> blingy mirror doodads are retailing for $75! (Free shipping- get yours today!)
Hello Kitty anyone?

How about a bacon-scented air freshener? Now you can have breakfast all day, and not just at meal times! I'm not really a bacon fan, so the appeal is lost on me. I just hope they draw the line at bacon because an egg-scented air freshener would be a gag-inducing sort of fresh, at best.
Now this one, i could almost get behind, but only because i'm a child of the 80's and it reminds me of Animal from the Muppets.

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Why, people? Why?! After my cursory (Google image) search, i've come to the conclusion that people will hang practically anything shamelessly from their rear view mirrors. I wouldn't even be surprised if some hippie is out there at the wheel with magic crystals swinging alongside a taxadermied set of Jerry Garcia's testicles. Don't get me wrong, i'm glad people are satisfying their need for self-expression. I really am. I just find it an interesting means for doing so, albeit highly entertaining.


  1. Thank god that dream catcher isn't yours. When I first say it I was thinking we couldn't be friends any more. I don't know what but I have a special hatred for dream catchers hanging from rear view mirrors. I also hate when people have every memento they have ever collected and it is foot across. (The handcuffs add a whole new version of classy.
    I do have a little flower that says "Be Happy". I found it among my mom's things after she died and I know she would be telling me this so I hung it up.

  2. Ha! Birdie, that cracked me up. The pink fuzzy handcuffs are the best, in my opinion, and practical too- you never know when you might be drivin along and feel the need to practice a little bondage. I think your flower is along the lines of what i'd hang there. Maybe a fake plant from an aquarium or something. Nothing too showy, never hurts to add a hint of green and it's almost kinda funny.


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