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Sunday, May 13, 2012

E.E.O.C. my B.U.T.T.

Sassafras. This really pee-pee soaks my cheerios. Recently i've been in the market for a job (joyous), and just got thrown under the short bus. A former employer of mine is well known in the hospitality business here in the Northwest, and makes for a pretty stellar reference. I'd used her before, so i didn't think twice about listing her again.

However, i was nothing short of flabbergasted when she revealed to me later  she felt morally obligated to disclose my personal medical information to my prospective employers. (And this was my dream job we're talkin' about here, darlings; suits me to a T and a U-V-W-X-Y-Z.) Sheesh.

Based on what i'd known of the hiring/firing process, i assumed there was no way she was legally allowed to divulge that sort of thing. Yet, lo and behold, to my chagrin, not all employers are covered by ADA mandates: discriminating against a person based on race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, disability or genetic information is perfectly okay if the business has fewer than 15 employees, or they've worked less than 20 calendar weeks in the last 2 years. Neat. 

Yeah that's not blooping arbitrary or anything. Feel free to screw over 14 employees, but 15? God forbid 15.

I feel duped. Especially since my boss has become somewhat of a mother figure of mine. It's a seasonal job. I left on great terms with plans on returning, but the position was axed by the ranch owner (not my boss who's just the manager). We've had what i'd perceived an awesome working and personal relationship for the past six years. How do you not take it personally?  

In any case, i'm ready to storm the castle (the white one) to eliminate the asinine, schmegsaucy loops in the system. It isn't right. Equal my beakwul. I will fight them.


  1. Yeowch, not right, not fair, not nice! Shame on her. Whatever your personal medical information may is YOURS, to tell or not.

    So sorry that happened, so sorry.

  2. You go! Fie on her, fie I say.

  3. I used to work in HR and I can't imagine asking for medical information like that, much less divulging it. Admittedly, I can be a big mouth, but when it comes to employment related issues?? Name, rank, serial number. THAT'S IT. I will also say that this was probably a blessing in disguise because you do not want to ever work for a "company" that would show a lack professionalism to that degree. I'm sorry this happened.

  4. Liv- Thanks, I know. I mean, we don't divulge others' health issues in our personal lives. You'd think it'd be totally taboo to do in a professional setting, regardless of what the law allows.

    Beth- Thanks for visiting! I don't think i can even go there with my boss, especially since there's still some emotional charge on my end. She's really like a mom to me; her words and actions have more weight to them; heart n soul deep impact. Crap. Someday i'll ask WTF?! But for now i'm directing my outrage at the system. Also, thanks for visiting! You're A+, first-rate, top-notch.

    Code Babe- I know right?! That's how i always thought it went down in the professional realm. Nothing like being stripped of a false sense of security. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. I see you have another post up! On my way. Yay!


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