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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Job-searching is wearying. You submit your little vulnerable celestial body and soul out into the job market abyss, hoping to find an orbit to settle into that's gratifying and has the capacity to support the lifestyle you've grown accustomed to. It's such an integral part of life, making a living; and winding up in the wrong job can be dreadful, miserable, agony.

I especially hate the application forms: What's the most valuable thing you took from your last job?

I want to respond, I never took anything worth more than 5 or 10 dollars.

And: What do you do when you're not working?

Well, I drink a lot of coffee, then i pee a lot. I read Soap Opera's Digest. I knit kitty hats and scarves and sweater vests. I put m&ms on the ceiling fan and see how many i can catch in my mouth when i turn it on. I milk my neighbor's ferret. I like sucking the propellant out of whip cream cans, telling kids there's no such thing as Santa and running barefoot in the winter through warm cow pats. (Much of this is true, i'll admit.)

I'm sure the people going through the applications would appreciate a bit of something to break up the monotony.

Anyhow, the toils of the hunt paid off and i landed a kick as little job at an organic garden operation working for more than minimum wage for a local lady and her family.

The farm is on the edge of some of the only extant native prairie in this region. Our soil, being largely volcanic in origin, is some of the most fertile in the world.

Stole this pic, but i swear that's exactly how it looks.
On either side of the garden, animals are filling the air with their cozy cow and chicken sounds and earthy animal scents. Right now most of the cows are hanging out in the orchard as a brand new calf is imminent. It's a peaceful sight, isn't it?

 However, i also scored another awesome gig river-guiding in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, where a piece of my heart always lives. I'm lucky as a leprechaun, in this economy especially, to be facing the conundrum of: 

...or This?


Pretty awesome.


  1. Oh my god, that is fabulous! What a hard choice though. For me it would be easy, as I can't swim and I would be sceeert to death the whole time in one of those rafts.

    You'll be happy I'm sure no matter which you pick. Good luck!

    And I love your down time hobbies....especially the catching the m&m's off the ceiling fan. You are the very definition of a party!

  2. You're so good to me, Liv. Ha, it's funny about the m&m's because we (i have a twin sister) started doing it when we were kids at our grandma's house (with chocolate chips). I guess we must've been distracted (dinner or something) and we left. It was a year or so later she mentioned something about our other cousins and the ceiling fan. She totally blamed them for the mess that ensued when she turned on the fan one hot day and melted chocolate went everywhere. oops.

  3. Hey, thanks for coming over from EDnurseasaurus! I sure do love employers who break labor laws- on top of everything else, mine was doing all sorts of that too! As for your job offers, what a choice! I'd be pretty torn between those two!


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