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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm overdue for some bra shopping. I'm at the point in the life of my non-sportsbras where the wires are poking through the outer material. "Why oh, why oh underwire?" I cry. Such a tender place to be prodded but, obviously, i need all the structural support i can get. And i'm kidding, but i do think this. Anycow, here's a clever advert:

Tech support

So i think i'll forgo the under-wires next time and order one of these:

I called finally and confirmed they've filled the position i applied for. He said they'll probably be hiring again in January so that would be a relief. I've been walking a dog for a few bucks every day and i'm petitioning the neurology gods it all continues to go successfully. Such a simple job is still a questionable endeavor for someone with epilepsy. I wrap the leash around my wrist and entreat the powers at be as much as i dare, that she remains tethered to my body and far from cars and death-delivering inertia in the street. I probably owe it to her owner to disclose my medical foibles and inefficiencies. But boy would i rather spare her the worry. 

I'm trying to keep my mind off my recent job-propositioning failure and staying as busy as i can manage.  It's pitifully easy for me to come up with excuses not to leave my house. I have to make a conscious effort to say yes. I've posted this before, and i regret at less than 50 posts to get repetitive, but i'll never, ever get sick of this:

Yesterday, i said yes, even though the question was ridiculous. I guess i was game for a distraction, so, oopsie daisy, if i didn't agree when my friend asked if i wanted to shoot a 50 Caliber rifle. You just never know in Idaho.
I don't really like guns, but i guess we're gonna shoot a big one.
We're definitely a couple of rednecks.
It was Hillbilly Make-A-Wish meets bucket list.
MS is threatening my friend's last somewhat-functional limb.
In any event, he was pretty thrilled about this gun business.

Don't rob Ben, our dentist friend; that guy has some really big guns.
I'm not a gun-nut by any means but it was more fun than i anticipated. We also shot a bump action stock-equipped AR-15 which i initially declined on account of the moral implications of putting my hands on such a thing (i won't even post the pictures), but i'm spineless and the guys goaded me into it, so i squeezed off a few rounds rapid-fire. It seemed so wrong, and then i shrugged it off, grateful to live somewhere safe and peaceful where law-abiding citizens own these things (whothehellknowswhy) and not baby boy gangsters in the streets. 

It's cold here and the air feels like a frosty scouring brush as it swirls through my very first cavity. Perhaps i'll pay a business visit to my new dentist friend who happens to be armed to the teeth.

More inappropriate humor to wrap it all up:

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  1. Love that Say Yes video. Just posted it on my FB page. Also saw the "Marry Your Girlfriends" video already. Very funny stuff. I'm not into guns either, and am VERY, EXTREMELY grateful we don't live in a place where they are a daily necessity.


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