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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vandals, Hockey and Lucky Buddha Beer

Idaho Vandals
Wenatchee Hot Autumn Ice Champions
(I'm green helmet, my sister is maroon)
This weekend was a riot. 2 days, 10 ladies (girls/women what have you), one hotel, 6 dogs (Thank you, Travelodge.), 8 hockey games and well, maybe a few jello shots. This picture was taken right before we were awarded the championship trophy. I didn't get a picture of it, i guess, but you'll just have to trust me, since it really matters not.

I'll pitifully admit, though, there have been times over the last few years where ice hockey was one of the few extra-curriculars that did matter to me. Other things may have been higher on my list of priorities, but in terms of what i enjoy most and cared to devote the most energy towards- hockey, definitely.

I'm an addict. I love the speed. When you connect with a teammate it's fluid, whiz, snap, blam, swoosh, ka-ching in rapid succession. Fun meets finesse and intensity. Plus, the sport is sprint interval training in sheep's clothing. Well, bulky pads and helmets, but you know what i mean. Really, the rink is an icy stage for a bunch of electrified meat bags with skates and sticks, chasing a hunk of rubber around, but i'm okay with that. It's a blast. 

The camaraderie and community at our ice rink is first class. We have teachers, cops, doctors, students, kids, moms, engineers, bar tenders and old fogies that play. It's a non-check league, so it's less goony than the hockey you see on TV. It's surprisingly low impact. I know a lot of skaters who can no longer run. My sister, for one, would go crazy if she didn't have hockey during the snow mounds-in-the-bike-lanes season. 

Lucky Buddha beer- 2 hat tricks
I didn't sample any jello shots this tourney (mostly because i don't drink much and also because somebody had the terrible idea of making them with Everclear), but i did indulge in one of these beers i found for $1.89 at a nearby store. I highly recommend this light, tasty, Australian-brewed lager. I hate to endorse non-local purchases, but it's fun, and delicious, and dare-i-say may be worth making the exception if you see it around

I'm not saying you're gonna score two hat tricks and a bundle of goals if you drink it, but preliminary evidence suggests that you could. 

It was amazing feeling so good again. My ability to be successful on the ice is so positively correlated with more freedom from seizures and side-effects; it's frustratingly apparent when things are off, which tends to be more often during the winter months. Quick reflexes and  bursts of energy are diminished if not depleted entirely in battling seizures. Life is diminished battling seizures. And they're all quintessential to the game of hockey. 

It was beyond satisfying and enjoyable playing on a line with my sister and slinging the puck into the other team's net like the defense was made of Swiss cheese, time and time again. I loved it. We're competitive, it's silly.

I'm still whispering and tip-toeing, but so far it's the best November i can remember. Thanksgiving can be a nightmare on the seizure front. I'm hitching a ride down to my mom's. It's the first holiday since the separation. We'll see how it goes. If i survive, perhaps i'll take a minute to recall some of the holiday disasters my family's endured. Does your family have those? I reckon we all probably do. 

I'm grateful for all of you here and for all you share and for this community of caring and learning and resonance. I don't deserve such a platform or any sort of readership, but i sure as hell appreciate it. Have a safe and lovely week. Whether you're celebrating Turkey day or not, i sure hope you find yourself well-fed and surrounded by friends and family, and maybe a glass of wine or a Lucky Buddha beer. Also, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being surrounded by jello shots, i sure hope, Dear Lord, they are not made with Everclear. 



  1. Great picture! As soon as I saw the picture I noticed the great big smile of the person in the green helmet.

    I hope you have a nice (seizure-free)Thanksgiving.

    1. Aw, thanks Birdie! You don't even care for hockey, if i remember correctly. How sweet are you? You're welcome to tell me you think it's lame. I think American Football is ridiculous.

      I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too.

    2. Yeah, I don't care much for hockey. (That is putting it mildly.) Right now I am watching the last few seconds of the Grey Cup. I probably have not watched this much football in my life!

  2. This makes me happy. All of it.
    Thanks. Giving.
    May it be a wonderful day for you.

    1. Ms. Moon, sheesh, i appreciate the heck out of you.


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