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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kamiak Butte

One thing about playing women's hockey, is apparently, your sexual orientation becomes open to investigation. As we crammed around restaurant tables scooted together to accommodate the lot of us this last weekend, one of the new teammates started quizzing everyone. More than one couple had both members represented on our roster. They're out and it's great. Fortunately these days, even in Ideeho, people my age are pretty tolerant and accepting. Halleluhjah and amen. Long live love and compassion.

I'm so grateful. Every ounce of me rejoices in the trend towards tolerance and justice in this regard. I'm proud of the non-traditional couples out there who have bravely recognized their love for one another despite potential condemnation, ridicule and even physical violence. They are amazing.

Eventually the query had snaked it's way around the table and landed in my lap. I claimed 70% not-straight on account that statistically, identical twins have a 50-70% concordance with sexual preference. My sister realized guys weren't her cup of tea and she's never been happier, more confident and comfortable in her own skin. 

Me? I don't know. I'll admit it. Men and women both have broken my heart. I came out to my dad Thanksgiving '06 (a little gay-vee with our turkey and mashed potatoes). He's an awesome, supportive, loving, and fairly-progressive dude. I'm sure he wasn't shocked; we were always tom boys. It wasn't really a big deal, we're so fortunate. He's been great. I've dated guys since then, though, and he half-jokingly urges pick a team!

Most of the time it's a moot point. I'm single and i'm not looking to change that any time soon. I'm way difficult. We'll just keep it at that. 

So, anyhow, i just tag along with my sister and her girlfriend (our roommate). Even as they celebrate their 2 year anniversary on a hike to Kamiak Butte, a little hill looming in the distance from our little town, with a nice loop trail and vistas of the stunning Palouse.

My twin sister, Nif, with Mollie, a dog i've been
walking every day for a few bucks.

[Aside] Mollie got into cockle burs so badly the other day that her tail was velcro-ed to the back of her legs. It took hours to get those suckers out of her generous, fluffy coat. Good thing she's such a sweet and patient girl. 
6 boots and 16 paws hit the trail with gusto.

The beautiful Palouse from Kamiak Butte

I never did succeed in capturing a photo of the whole bunch.
But i did get a pretty good one of the three of em. My family is so cute.


  1. "Pick a team." Ha!
    It is a beautiful thing that such things are becoming of less importance. Love is love.
    That is what is important. Always and forever.

    1. Yes. Thank Goodness. I'm not trying to be greedy and unscrupulous, i just don't know!

  2. I love "way difficult" people.


    1. You would, wouldn't you? :) You're a dang saint minus all the churchy judgie stuff. (I'm not even kidding and i'm not a suck-up.) You love so well. Fiercely, and truly and deeply. And freely, it seems, if you're dolin it out to them difficult folks! ;)

  3. Your dad sounds like a hoot! What a guy. :-)

    1. You're right about that. My dad is hil-arious. Life-of-every-party, kind of guy that everybody loves. He's a great dad to boot. I really lucked out.


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