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Friday, February 23, 2018

And now for my Next Trick...

Geeze, what's up with this blog, guys? Got all the manure for the garden and forgot to plant the flowers. I really fucked up this time. I feel like a dumbass. Too embarrassed to tell anyone outside my family yet, really.

I broke my fucking femur. Clean in two. It was doing something fun, for a change. (Which isn't to say i don't get to do plenty of fun things, but that I didn't get hurt having a seizure or doing something stupid, as per usual.) Naturally, my insurance doesn't start until March 1st. 

I still can't believe it. But it could've been worse. It wasn't a compound fracture. It didn't cause significant vascular damage or subsequent life-threatening bleeding. My pain threshold has been knocked up a few notches. My hospital experience was night and day better than my last one. They got me into surgery right away for some intermedullary femur nailing nonsense. Somehow we've asked, but have yet to see any x-rays, but it sounds like the surgeon is going to take more in a couple of weeks when i go back. Do you want, or should i hold off on the gory details? 

Fuck, dear reader; who does that? 


  1. Broken bones! Arg, no fun. I hope you are getting lots of TLC, and glad that your recent hospital stay was better than the previous ones. Now to strengthen those mending bones. Cold packs became my friend after my knee replacement, and I still love a frozen rice bag. I hope you find your best helper friends and feel better soon. Love you, Jane

  2. Yuk. But bones heal, completely, eventually. Things will only get better!!!

  3. I hope you find your best helper friends and feel better soon.

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