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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Salt Mine Saturday

Oh mans, it's a rare weekend shift i get to pull today. God they're awful. We're short-staffed and for some reason, the crazies and shit bags seem to float to the surface on weekends. (Gah, all i've done is complain here as of late. Great success.) 

One funny/terrible thing that happened this week working in the returns and warranties department involved one of our newest employees, and, naturally, myself. She came out to our returns area which is just outside the call center/sales floor, in the adjoining warehouse.

We sell inflatable SUP boards. There are teensie, tiny, little bumps that sometimes appear in the material where you fold the board. They're absolutely, purely cosmetic and barely perceptible, at that. Like goose bumps on a new born baby. Like braille...

Well, this newer employee was fielding the question as to whether the customer should be concerned about said bumps. I responded quickly with, "Those are the braille instructions for how to get back on, when you fall off your board."

Now here I thought it was infinitely obvious i was being facetious. Lord help me if she did not forward that response on to the customer. Oh bang myself in the forehead with my open palm, any open hand for that matter. Suffice it to say, the customer was none-too-pleased with our response. 

And of course she was! It wasn't even limited to jocular, it was insensitive. (Although, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if there are a number of blind SUP'ers out there.) Have you all read No Barriers by Erik Weihenmayer? He's the Everest climber who's also killing it in the whitewater kayaking realm. Blows my mind! The book might be available in your local Overdrive library. (One of my favorite things my mom told me about last year. Thanks Mom!) Do you guys know about Overdrive? See if you have it in your area, all you need is a library card to access all sorts of audio and e-books. You can even download them onto whatever, whatever device and listen even if you're out in the toolies without any G's or what have you.

So, my point is, I regret the joke for more than one reason. I can't assert if somebody razzed me similarly about the foam deck being beneficial for SUP'ers with seizures or something, that I would always take it in good humor. 

I'm a sarcastic asshole. Drat. (But it was pretty funny.) 

Wishing for rain here too. If only we could have prayed it our way and spared Texas some of the devastation. (Spent many a spring break in Corpus Christi with my step-dad's family.) What a mess, and more rain to come. 

Here are two songs about wishing for rain (just not for Texas), I enjoy:

Not a huge country fan, but i was raised on Nancy Griffith...

And who can forget the Temptations?

Peace and Love by the bushelton,



  1. It always astounds me when people don't get the fact that I'm joking.
    Oh well.

    1. Social cues may be the cursive equivalent of modern day telecommunication - a vanishing art! Not sure I could give up sarcasm, though. I've heard sarcasm is bad, but i forget why. Explains why i'd like to roll it up and smoke it I could. (Well, i mostly vape things anymore, but that doesn't as effectively get my point across...)

  2. Holy moly, you are posting again. I had given up on you. Yay!

    I probably would have laughed until I peed if you had told me the braile joke. That is some quick wit! We are way too sensitive these days. Do blind people even use braile anymore?

    1. Ha, I'd probably given up on me too! My automatic response was, of course they still use braille!, but you're right, I'll bet, what with modern technology, it may become obsolete. There's an adorable, remarkable young blind girl who comes into my sister's bike shop; I'll have to ask her!

    2. Oh, and *why* does she come into my sister's shop, you might ask, because she loves to ride her bike! (Really fast, I might add.) Her parents are rad.

  3. It's too hard to be perfect all the time. Shrugging helps.

    1. Ha! i'm learning to care less at work. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it does make it easier. :)

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