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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Miracle and Why I'm a Schmuck Pt I

I really appreciate a voice of reason most days to reel me out of pathetic, self-deprecating dialogue; i'm guilty of it far more often than i care to admit, but hear me out that sometimes i really am certifiably downright lame:

See, it was the 19th of December and i was certain, 100%, positively, convinced, indeed, that the world was going to end. Boom. Done. Gone. And i didn't even get on here to warn you guys. Weak sauce! Totally worthy of schmuck status if you ask me. 

Regardless, this leads to my Christmas Miracle story (woosh- here we are finally!): i believe i mentioned before that my parents filed for divorce before we were born. We were still amorphous, diapered bloblets when the proceedings were finalized. They've refused to speak to one another since.

After 27 years of silent treatment, freshly landed on island, my mom and i hucked our luggage into the trunk of a rental car and  piled our jet-lagged bodies inside. My younger brother and sister were in the back seat. They both vaguely remembered meeting my dad once when they were little, but that was the extent of their first-hand knowledge with the man who is such a significant part of my life. 

Anyhow, i'd found that my dad and my step-mom were both  at his office in town, not far from the airport. I asked if anybody minded swinging by to say hi. Nobody objected, so we pulled up in front of the simple, plantation-style building and everyone humored my suggestion to come inside. 

My dad was still in back but my step mom greeted us with hugs and a giant bag of pistachios. We munched and made comfortable small talk. 

Then, like nothing, my dad came out, and, after wrapping me in a bear hug, greeted my mom warmly with a kiss on the  cheek. Just like that. 25+ years of hostility. Such a small, confined space, the two of them, and nothing but kindness. No fire, tempests or explosions. It was all i could do not to marvel slack-jawed. A sweet moment indeed. Dare i assert again, a Christmas Miracle? We think so. 

It was great to see my dad. I love that guy. I really lucked out in the parent department. I'm really proud of both of them. 

You can hate me more when i post some great pictures my brother and sister took and i'll fill you in on some more about the rest of our trip and how the subsequent interactions between my mom and dad went down.
Also, i start at 9 tomorrow, and i never did conjure up the guts to brief anyone on my medical history or my hopes that dog falls under the realm of "reasonable accommodation". I dunno. It's awesome, but it's a lot of fluorescent lights, fork lifts and concrete. We'll see. In any case i better get to sleep. Ciao. Te amo. Namaste. Nite nite. Besos. Ta-ta for now. Thanks again.


  1. You are not a schmuck. Okay?
    Oh. Your beautiful parents. I am glad they can finally be in the same room and I'm sorry it took them so long. Your mama must have been REALLY pissed off. There's a story there.
    I am wishing you huge luck at the new job.

  2. It is interesting how people can stay so angry at their ex-spouses but as they get older they are able to let it go. I am so glad your mom and dad have made amends. What a wonderful gift they have given you.

    Let us know how work went!


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