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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hip-hip-hooray, Let's Hear it for May!

Phew, well, finally, i made it through a month this year without a major catastrophe. Thank you, thank you May. True to it's name, (yes i may, and don't mind if i do); unlike April, which was way too sweet a name for the month i experienced. It should've been named Barb, or Ralph, or Spike or Dick or Heavens to Betsy.

Well, i did get firedish from that gardening job that i liked pretty well, but it was another case of employers being jackwagons. They wanted us to work 8 hour days with only a 5-minute lunch break and two fives on either side. Um, yeah, no. We're doing physically-demanding labor in the heat of summer. Being intimately involved in the food-production process, i'm going to sit and enjoy and appreciate my meal and all that it took to provide it, thanks. Plus, gahl dang, i'm either bending, lifting or stooping a majority of the time- don't force me to scarf my lunch with no time to digest. Sheesh.

We can stop and smell the flowers, but our employees can suck it.

And it's funny, because this is the sort of image they're trying to sell. (The product line will be available soon at a Fred Meyer near you!) At orientation (Where i also signed a confidentiality agreement, so we'll see if they come after me.) they go on and on about how they're 'like a family' blah, blah, blah. If my mother told me to work all day with only 3 5-minute breaks, i'd probably laugh in her face (i'd still work for her, but that's beside the point.)

After two weeks of it, i mentioned that at previous places of employment, where my job description had been identical, it was my understanding that federal labor laws required them to give us longer breaks. Later that day, the manager came down to talk with me about it and said, "This might not be the right fit." To which i replied, "You know, you're absolutely right."

So that was that. I put down my shovel and walked the eight miles back home. Which was way too far anyhow. (I make a point not to go farther than ten minutes from my house ever, seriously, if i can help it.) Working in a scenic location and being able to milk cows again, (which i love), wasn't even close to worth having to bum rides and dealing with higher-ups and their overt intimidation practices and power trips.

Whether or not there are different laws pertaining to farming or agriculture that allow employers to restrict breaks, i could give a flying fertilizer. It's really just the principal of the matter. I really don't care to be busting my butt for someone who expects me to inhale my lunch and labor away with only a pittance of a break throughout the day. I managed to score another farming job through the school which is within walking distance with flexible hours and cooler people besides. 

I leave for a week for the river. I'm still terrified, but i can't wait. Our first trip we'll be dead-heading (rowing without guests) for the first 50 miles, so that should be really, really nice. Tonight we're camping and rafting tomorrow in a big flip-fest called the 'Big Water Blowout' held every year during high water. I have Life Flight, fortunately.We'll see how it goes.

I'm looking forward to the rest of June. May was just the boost i needed; none of my friends died, i didn't spend a week (or even a day!) in the ICU, my girlfriend didn't get shot, my boss/family friend didn't commit suicide and i didn't get dumped without warning or explanation. So a mutually agreed upon parting of ways was, in comparison, chocolate cake.

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  1. I adore your reply to the suggestion that "This might not be the right fit." Perfection. All I can say to all of it is that these jobs you have in your twenties don't amount to much as you age -- better you do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it before "settling down," etc. I'll never forget when I was asked at a brokerage firm to start writing about oil and railroad companies which I totally didn't want to do. My boss told me that he knew best for me. I told him "no," and then I told him that I wanted to leave. And I did. Onward...


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