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Friday, June 1, 2012

Food + Art = Win

People never cease to amaze me. In all matters of brilliance, achievement, courage, resilience and stupidity.

But especially brilliance. We're dreaming up all sorts of amazing stuff. As long as we never program robots to dream, we'll always have that on them- the things that dreams are made of. Those things, born of an almost celestial spark that fell into our stream of consciousness by way of our dreaming minds. They spur us to do things robots would have no reason to; things that don't make a lot of sense; the dream is the reason.

Things like art; to paint something solely for the sake that you imagined it. But art may have a cyclic role in all of it, sending out it's own little spores into the universe that can result in those nearly omnipotent dream sparks. Maybe we should be wary of teaching robots art too.

Regardless, i'm in awe of the human's capacity to create beautiful things. We have a Renaissance fair here in my little town where everything's close enough to walk to, and you wouldn't believe the incredible things people have rendered with their own two hands to bring and sell there. Things so fantastic and intricate and authentic; lovingly brushed on with delicate strokes, molded and smoothed by gentle hands, precisely formed with expertly-wielded tools, dyed, sewn and crafted in endless, unfathomable ways. Amusing, breathtaking, awe-inspiring ways.

Anyhow, i'm rambling. It wasn't my intention to wax poetic. I really just wanted to share these pictures of Thai vegetable carvings, butter sculptures and other phenomenal amalgamations of art and food (art + food = WIN! in my book):

I don't know if it's reverse psychology- another thing that i probably shouldn't do (being its demand for extensive time spent in the vicinity of knives), but i definitely want to learn how to do this Thai vegetable carving business.

And there are the artists from Villafane Studios 
the self-proclaimed home of the most gourdgeous 
pumpkins on the planet. Unbelievably lifelike.

And this vegetable dress sculpture by 
Sarah Illenberger that i would totally wear.

Of course, i couldn't omit these butter sculptures:

Artist Jim Victor

Same artist- 'Cow Jumped Over the Moon'

Also by Jim Victor. This is like a favorite 
thing trifecta: art, butter and manatees. 

And Yoda eating yogurt by artist Olenka Kleban
Can you tell i had a hard time choosing my favorite ones?

Last, another by Jim Victor 
Surfer David - there are so many of my 
favorite things going on here, it's not even funny.

Butter sculpting is actually an ancient Tibetan tradition that originated some time around the 7th century.  One time when my cousin was one maybe two, (barely toddling, but not talking yet at all), she disappeared. We were beside ourselves searching the house high and low (mostly low) for this child. I remember my aunt had long since been in tears when, finally, finally, we found her hiding? behind the couch. eating sticks of butter. We don't know how she got a hold of them, or how she'd already learned to associate butter with delicious, or what gave her the notion that she'd better do it in hiding, but it was so bizarre and hilarious and precious i'll never forget it.


  1. Charming -- all of it, including your own writing! Back in my other life, when I worked as a pastry chef for a huge hotel in New York City, I worked on a GIANT chocolate panel for a food show. Some of the stuff displayed at that pastry arts show was outrageous -- but there's something about manipulating food that way that creeps me out. I think I prefer that artists use other medium --

  2. Thanks for saying so, Elizabeth. That's a really good point. I've always liked that quote by Julia Child, 'It's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it.' And in this day where even in our own country people are going hungry we should be critical, if not hypercritical of any waste. But, that said, some of that carving is so incredibly intricate and artful it serves to celebrate the fruit in a way. So in that sense i'm okay with it, but i totally get what you're saying.

    We can only hope they find some good use for all that butter. Holy cow.


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