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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dinglehopper? Snarfblat?... In any case, thanks for all the fish...

Well, you were all with me for the beginning, and, well, here, I'm happy and sad, not to mention, terrified, relieved, resolved, reeling, yet resolute, in my reporting an arrival at the end.

In some state, still, of disbelief, i'm crying while laughing, and trembling a bit with uncertainty, as i pass along my tiara. I'm no longer the Queen of Broken Things. Yesterday I quit my job. I'm burned out on life lately, but I've been burned out at work for a year or two, at least. After attempting to effectuate change in my department for so long, it's become clear that the company and I have very different values.

I meant to stay a few more months until I was 'fully-vested', but i couldn't take it any longer. My patience has been dozered down to nothing these days. I am not a very good automaton. Sometimes stopping in life to scrape a turd off your shoe, gives you too much time for re-evaluation and introspection. I've had a few turds to scrape off recently. I'd far and away rather have a job that inspires me intrinsically than one that pays higher wages.

Haven't told my sister or my mom.

So much for my half-crocked plan to have a solid lead or two on some job prospects before throwing the towel in. Maybe it was ill-timed, ill-conceived and rash. The frontal lobe regions of our brains are correlated with matters of judgement - mine may compromised. Oh fucking well.

I really don't know guys.

But, I'll have a lot more time for blogging, and i still have more of that confounded story yet to tell. Foof.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for being.



  1. When we spend a good part of our life at work we have to at least not hate it. I say, good for you!

  2. You can't find what you want when you're too busy doing what you hate.
    You made the right choice.
    Love you to pieces.

  3. Nothing worse than a crap job. It can eat the soul. Congratulations on a wise choice. I came here via Mary's blog. Hello!

  4. Phew! What a relief! How disappointing that the company couldn't hear your ideas and as a result have lost a smart, savvy and equipment oriented helper person. Their loss.

  5. Getting out of a job that you don't love is important. Keep going. You'll find something that you do love. I'm so glad you'll have more time for blogging. I look forward to it!

  6. Yes, if it means you'll blog more, it was the best decision.

    And there's more than just this job on earth.

  7. It probably wasn't as impulsive as you imagine, often we just have reached saturation point and the last straw prompts us to finally make changes, as rash and scary as they may feel. I've found that sometimes I needed that shove, that leap into something unknown, to move to a higher level. May you arrive at that higher level of a Path that Feeds your Soul, which is what it's all about... not Selling it to the highest bidder who might offer that allure of financial security we all tend to be tempted by.

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