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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

99 Problems... But a Mitt Aint One

I know we're sick to death of politics, but i just have to get this off my chest, so if you've had it with political gooble-dey-gook, you can stop reading right now.

Salmon River bald eagle 2012

I realize what an insidious beast extreme-polarity bipartisanship continues to be for our country and i hate to further it in any way; now more than ever we need to come together and stand united. But i can't get over the fact that this race was so tight. I'm sort of disgusted.

I felt like i was voting on my human rights. Whatha$#@*, America?! How are we still so hung up on this?

As Rachel Maddow so eloquently put it:
But here’s the thing about rights-

 they’re not actually supposed to be voted on. 

That’s why they’re called rights.

Do you love a woman? Do you have a daughter? Then how could you possibly cast your ballot in favor of a party that apparently cares very little about gender equality?

Romney's response to fair pay for women- we'll get back to you on that... yeah sorry dude, not gonna cut it in my book. Plus, all the awful rape gaffes and threats to overturn Roe vs. Wade were just insane. I truly felt like my body was serving as a battleground for religious zealots. The double standard of republicans wanting less government, unless it happens to be in our pants is outrageous.

I'm fine with folks keeping their "marriage" institution, "religious sanctity" or whatever Heaven-bound, God-fearing thing, but allow civil unions with equal tax and government benefits for all couples. Simple as that. Anything less is a violation of the inalienable right of the pursuit of happiness. What about that is so hard to understand dear, bigoted ass-hats? People are going to love whomever they want to love, like it or not. You don't have to approve of it; we're not asking for your approval here. We're merely demanding our rights.

If marriage = 1 man + 1 woman by your erudite definition, and 'Do unto others...' is really your motto, then YOU kindly stop yourself from recognizing your legal, lifelong, complete, commitment to your life partner, and don't forget to forbid yourself to procreate or to raise children as you see fit, either.

And please forgive my resorting to name-calling. I hate to stoop to that level, but the fact that half the population is okay with voting for a candidate that won't speak against bullying of certain demographics and believes it's okay for states to fire employees for being gay or transgendered is gumption-less, spineless, crap that leads me to believe they are needing to be on the receiving end of some smacking-around themselves. You don't need to condone anything you don't believe in, but you sure as hell can't allow hatred to proliferate on account of your religious proclivities.
I see you're trying to find your way into the White House while simultaneously estranging women and other minorities.  Come on, did you really think that would work out for you guys? Better luck next time. TTFN, Ann Coulter.

It was such an effective brain-washing. I don't get it. Romneycare was almost identical to Obamacare. If anything Obamacare offers more advantages to small businesses than Romneycare: 
Romney's plan for Massachusetts requires that any business with 11 or more full-time employees offer health insurance to their workers or pay a penalty.
Obamacare requires only large businesses (over 50 full-time employees) to offer health insurance or face a penalty.
A major difference between the two plans is that Obamacare includes a tax credit for small businesses that choose to offer coverage to their workers and Romneycare does not. The credits work on a sliding scale as long as the business has a maximum of 25 employees and pays average annual wages below $50,000.

This Karl Rove, Fox News fear-mongering is totally bogus. They repeatedly point the finger at Obama for the national debt when any sentient person with a memory knows what drove the debt up in the first place.
While Bill Clinton was out campaigning for Obama,
George W. was in the Cayman Islands telling
more rich fuckers how to avoid paying taxes
by investing in off-shore accounts.

Plus, overt dishonesty and probable tax evasion/and off shore accounts? Gag me, Romney.

Perhaps i've been brainwashed by the Rachel Maddow Show, but i'll take her PhD from oxford over Karl Rove's degree in Nothing any day. And i'll vote on the side of love and civil rights over money EVERY TIME.
Love this photoshop.

So, phew hope trumps the Pope. Bless it. I'm so sick of these wackos complaining about "Obama the Socialist" when they are consistently trying to mandate their religious beliefs within our legal systems. I'll take socialism over religious fascism any day of the week. A government that exhibits care for its citizens, even to a fault, is far less terrifying than a greedy, Christian Right Wing, fear-mongering Regime, at least in my opinion (but i'm just a bleeding-heart, liberal, apologetic, female; what do i know?).

On a brighter note:
We did it!
This is my little sister who got girls out to rock the vote in Moscow.
Aren't they precious?
Hey, at least my county voted blue!
More women and minorities in congress than ever before!!!

Plus, the first openly-gay senator ever
I'm proud as hell of you voters who made that happen. Tears of joy in your face you white, misogynistic fat cats.

Plus, to ice the cake:

AND Minnesota!!!

Not to mention, Colorado, Washington and Montana calling for marijuana legalization and reform. Finally logical steps in the right direction for the war on drugs. Let's use our precious resources appropriately and base our decisions on facts rather than corporate-backed, tyrannical anti-weed propaganda.

Okay, phew. Sorry about that. Forgive me for preaching  to the choir. I feel much better now.

States United
Image credit: beauchamping on Etsy


  1. Big breath girlie, change is happening and that is so freaking great. Don't forget that there was a time when nobody would ever think that there would be a black man as president. Now people say, he's black? Oh, I guess he is.
    My mom, oh so ever wise used to say that the pendulum is always swinging. It is swinging right. It is and bring it on!

  2. Ha! You probably are preaching to the choir but it's still nice to hear. It was one heck of an election year wasn't it? How Romney/Ryan can appeal to anyone is completely beyond me!


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